@Cimex is looking for an experienced but hungry C#.NET developer to join our their-house technical development team. The developer will primarily be responsible for the ongoing development, maintenance and system design/strategy for an exciting suite of social media/community tools and applications developed in-house. What better place to find someone but HN!

We’re looking for someone with experience of system design/architecture and who has (ideally) been involved with the development of a product or single complex system in the past. They don’t have to have led development of such a system before, we’re looking for someone hungry for the experience of doing so who wants to step up to the next level.

Skills: As much work has already been done on the project, it is extremely important that the candidate is well-versed in relevant technologies, frameworks and ideas. We’re looking for a developer with experience in as much of the following as possible:

● Languages: C# 4, JavaScript, Java

● Web: ASP.NET, MVC3, JQuery, HTML, CSS

● Frameworks: WCF, Castle Windsor IoC, NHibernate, Linq

● Servers: MS SQL Server 2008, MySQL 5, Solr, Tomcat, IIS 7.5, Amazon EC2

Personality: Above all else we’re looking for a developer with an almost obsessive desire to producing high-quality technical systems and user-interfaces. While they will be working with designers and user-interface developers (JavaScript/JQuery, CSS, HTML), they will be key to the conception and development of rich user-interface elements and must have a keen and demanding eye for UX and design.

We’re looking for a ‘manager of one’, someone who takes responsibility for their work and is comfortable setting their own goals (and achieving them). While they will report into the Technical Director, they will not need heavy direction and be able to motivate and work unsupervised, actively seeking out the support they require as and when they need it.

For more info, please send an updated CV to stephanjobs1@gmail.com