I'm completely new to vb and I was hoping for some help with a challenging project. First, let me explain what I'm trying to do:

I work with clients over the phone. We use proprietary web-based software to manage our clients and schedule /track appointments with them. Whenever we schedule an appointment, outlook automatically sends the client an email confirming the appointment, and I'm BCC'd on it. The problem is that the appointments dont have alerts or reminders of any kind for the account managers, so it's easy to overlook them unless you go into outlook and schedule a calendar reminder.

What I want is to integrate those appointments into outlook automatically using VB code, so that when I schedule an appointment using our software, it automatically populates in my outlook calendar. I have an idea of how the process would work:

I schedule an appointment using web software >> I receive automated email with appointment confirmation which trips an outlook rule to run Macro >> Macro pulls appointment data from specific fields on webpage that lists my appointments, then uses that data to create outlook calendar appointment.

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreicated!!