Devart presents the release of the enhanced Entity Developer 4.4 with support for collections of components, default column facets for the model (for NHibernate models), etc.
New version of Entity Developer extends NHibernate mapping support - now it allows creating collections of components and components with navigation properties visually. It enables users to easily create associations to complex types and map additional columns of a join table of many-to-many association to a complex type properties. Navigation properties can now be separated to a complex type along with other properties. Additionally, Entity Developer now supports generation of the parent property, that stores a reference to the containing class for complex types. Entity Developer automatically determines the type of this property. If the complex type is contained in only one entity, this property will be of this entity type. Otherwise it will be of Object type.
In this version a possibility to specify default facets for the whole NHibernate model was added. These facets will be used for properties that don't have explicitly set facet values.
Diagrams now support notes and stamps. Users can apply notes to add text comments to diagrams and even to create hyperlinks to external files. Diagram stamp allows to specify the following information about diagram: diagram author, company, version, copyrights, project name, date.
You are welcome to download and evaluate the new version of LinqConnect on the Download Page.
For purchasing LinqConnect visit product's Ordering Page. The price for a single license starts at $149.95.
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