Hi All,

Someone asked me to help with an application that uses a barcode reader to get a PDF417 barcode and decode it (the original information is zipped and encoded before being made a barcode).

But I ran into difficulties:
- the dll's that I found are starting from files on disk; I need to work with data from a laser scanner
- scanning into a file and processing it seems not to be an option; the way I understand, scanners are treated like keyboards, and what comes is like keystrokes. As my barcode is binary data, I'm losing some information in the process, making the decoding impossible

Is it possible to scan into a memory buffer, and do the reading of that buffer instead of a disk file? Or, maybe another approach?

One more think: if possible, can I get an urgent answer? I know it's not very polite, but I'm under hammer and hard place right now...