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use a professional and mature barcode scanner in .net development to help you scan and read different barcodes.
What does that even mean?

You don't need anything special to process a barcode. The reader/scanner is a piece of hardware. These will send the data to the PC either as RS232 or Keyboard input. You simply use a serial port to receive the data if it is RS232 and if keyboard data it will fire the keypress routines just like it was typed from a keyboard.

There is no need for any SDK. I have no idea why people keep thinking otherwise.

I've been processing barcodes for over 15 years now with just a few lines of simple code.

Creating barcodes on the other hand may require an SDK or something similar. Depending on the type of barcode in question.

As for binary data there you may need a reader/scanner that does not use keyboard input but an RS232 input which can handle binary inputs, also means that the scanner in question has to be able to read this type of barcode, PDF417 for example.