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    Lightbulb Real Time Data Tables/Data Grids

    I have been trying to find and/or think up a way for data to automatically update a data table.
    Let me Explain what i have.
    I have a log that shows all the customers that came in today with various information. There could be twenty or thirty employees adding to this log or updating or doing things with that customer. This information is in a Data Table on a ASPX page in Visual Studio 2010 that the code is binded in the aspx.vb page that is calling a page in my APP_CODE database file that calls a query in my Database to get the information.

    My question is could someones actions on a different computer make my computer refresh or to re-bind that data.

    I have thought of some kind of timer/counter maybe that looks to see if the count of the log is different. I don't think that's going to give me what i want though or if its even possible to run.

    This is open to any ideas or suggestions. Thanks for your time and your help.

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    Re: Real Time Data Tables/Data Grids

    A timer may work for what you need. You could have your app query the database at a given interval to check the most recent record.

    Are you timestamping the records or using an incremental recordid or some other method that would be easy to see from the most recent record when data has changed?
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    Re: Real Time Data Tables/Data Grids

    Sorry it took so long to get back and thanks for the reply.

    I'm not using a Time Stamp but that could work i could just compare dates. The problem with all of this is performance. Just to give you an idea on what I'm working with: There is about 15 query's that get hit along with sessions and cookies that are loading / set on this page. Including an email Inbox that is getting checked for recent emails. done alot of proformance work on this page when data grids / or data views are changed we just rebind the data and not having to refresh the whole page. With a 5MB connection it takes about 3 seconds to load.

    But this log has about 1000 to 2000 lines of code to even produce the log. so doing some continuous count might be out of the question. Also there are pop ups that are linked to the page that if would have to exclude. So when an employee has a pop up active it doesn't refresh the page and they loose there work. These pop ups are linked with

    so it will automatically refresh Previous page on a change

    Thanks for the Help.

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