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Thread: Update Error

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    Update Error


    I am calling this function when a button is CLICKED and received the error;

    The name "The" is not permitted in this context. Valid expression are constants, constants expression, and (in some contexts) variables. Column names are not permitted.
    Unclosed quotation mark after the character string 'True)'.

    The function is as follows;

    Private Sub Save()
            Dim conn As SqlConnection = GetDbConnection()
            Dim query As String
            Dim cmd As New SqlCommand
            Dim irow As Integer
            For irow = 0 To DgvPracExcl.Rows.Count - 1
                    query = "INSERT INTO dbo.TblPracExclude (prac_no, prac_name, prac_status, prac_enabled) VALUES (" & _
                                       DgvPracExcl.Rows(irow).Cells(0).Value & ", " & _
                                       DgvPracExcl.Rows(irow).Cells(1).Value & ", " & _
                                       DgvPracExcl.Rows(irow).Cells(2).Value & ", '" & _
                                       DgvPracExcl.Rows(irow).Cells(3).Value & ")"
                    cmd = New SqlCommand(query, conn)
                Catch ex As Exception
                    MsgBox(ex.Message, MsgBoxStyle.Information, "VeriSIS")
                End Try
            Next irow
        End Sub
    Any help please..


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    Re: Update Error

    What types are prac_no, prac_name, prac_status, prac_enabled? Strings will need to be started and ended with a ' . You kind of have one here:
     DgvPracExcl.Rows(irow).Cells(2).Value & ", '" & _
    but it doesn't appear to be closed.

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    Re: Update Error

    Yes if the quotes are required for this field then you need to add another one to close it as show here or if they are not required then you should remove the one shown in the post above
    DgvPracExcl.Rows(irow).Cells(3).Value & "')"
    Of course the error message shows the value as True so I am wondering if this is a boolean field? single quotes are only used around text fields and dates
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