hi everyone
I am having a new problem which used to work perfectly
I have a java project that depends on another libraries (other netbeans projects)
I just changed my computer and imported all the projects. When running the main project without java web start it works fine
when I compile and upload the files onto the server (the /lib, main .jar and .jnlp) and run the jnlp, it starts downloading the application and then appear an error

Error: The JAR resources of the JNLP file aren´t signed by the same certificate
(I dont know exactly whats the msg in english, I am traslating from spanish xD
Error: Los recursos JAR del archivo JNLP no están firmados por el mismo certificado)

and the first line of Exception tab says:
JNLPException[category: Error de ejecución de archivo : Exception: null : LaunchDesc:

It's weird because the only thing I did was to import all the projects and fix the reference problems with libraries and the previous application was working perfectly on the server

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!