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Sir Badluck that website u sent i found those links earlier from someothe websites.
You showed a lack of very basic understanding in C++, not handles or MFC classes. But you cannot expect to understand MFC or any other framework without good knowledge of C++ basics. I would suggest you to switch to some other language, like VB.NET or C# (Express version from MS is for free!), where the learning curve is not that steep.

Its not working in India .. I gues its working only in US
Well, MSDN works just fine all over the world, in US, Russia, Japan, Israel, Europe but fails to work in India. Very bad news.

Basically I am related to mechanical.
Whatever you're related to, any branch of engineering or science, computer, mechanical, whatever, you cannot skip learning basics. BTW, no matter what language you eventually choose, start reading books more solid than "..in 21 days" crap.