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    Combining MySQL queries

    Hello, I have 2 queries that I will be running in my PHP script. The time it takes to run them are very long. I have a data of 1.8m rows in the table.
    So, I would like to know if it is possible to join these 2 queries into one or any other ways of making them faster?
    The queries are as below:

    SELECT call_date as call_date, call_uniqueid as call_uniqueid,call_duration as raw_duration, telephone_numbers as account_number,
    telephone_numbers_tariffname as tariffname, telephone_numbers_destination as destination, telephone_numbers_call_amount as call_amount,
    telephone_numbers_call_duration as call_duration, callerid as callerid, outbound as outbound, called_number as called_number
    FROM billing_table
    where (reseller1 = '001-000001' ) and (timeinlong BETWEEN '1326470400' AND '1339689599')
    ORDER BY timeinlong DESC
    LIMIT 0, 10
    SELECT '-' as call_date, '-' as call_uniqueid, '-' as raw_duration, '-' as account_number, '-' as tariffname, '-' as destination,
    round(sum(telephone_numbers_call_amount),4) as clientcost, sum(telephone_numbers_call_duration_in_secs) as totalcallduration,
    '-' as callerid, '-' as outbound, '-' as called_number
    FROM billing_table
    WHERE (reseller1 = '001-000001' ) and (timeinlong BETWEEN '1326470400' AND '1339689599')

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    Re: Combining MySQL queries

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