We posted articles showing how to set up the Azure account and build the database. The first step-by-step article is at:

Storing Data in the Cloud

This article parallels an online eSeminar we did showing the steps as well. I actually think the article makes it pretty easy. Take a look and see if you agree. If you do read the article, set up an account (links are in the article), then send me screenshots of the database you create. I'm betting you can do all of this in less than 30 minutes.By creating a database, you'll be able to legitimately use a badge like one of those in my signature!

You might be able to do more as well. See www.Codeguru.com/azure_activities

Why not try it now!

(Note, I had the article created. Having said that, we are working with Microsoft to try to get people to at least checkout Azure. We created and are operating the azure activities page. If we can get people to do this, we might be able to do other programs going forward as well! Thus, give this a try and let us know how easy it was for you!)