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While "rep" might be confusing to new users, I think that might be okay. They can only give comments initially anyway (at least until they have made some post, goetten some tenure, et.). Additionally, 'rating" is also used in association to a thread -- you rate a thread.

I'm open to changing the words, but let's make sure we are really making an improvement and that we all (or most of us) agree with what we decide before doing it.
I'd suggest keeping the interface uniform. I don't understand why the text for these links is between braces or why no capitalization is used. The phrase "rep" is not only not a word, it's not an action (not spelled that way, at least). The text on all other links/buttons is an action, which is clear. I think "Rate" or "Rate Post" would be a big improvement.
Also, I agree with the remark made earlier that the location of these links/buttons in the previous layout (i.e at the top of the post) is better (less confusing).
Just my 2 cents.