Hi, I'm sorry if this is a little scatterbrained. I don't look for coders very often.

I'm looking for someone who's fluent in all of those languages or at least have a firm grasp of them.

My project is a forum-based website. We can offer to pay you per project -- you set your own price, though we may ask to negotiate.

If you have any interest in this, please send me a PM and I will gladly share more details.

And to make this easier to read, as the sticky said, I'll just put this here:

Paid: Yes -- We have a small budget, but we can almost certainly accommodate any price you set for us; just be forewarned we may ask to negotiate.
Location: USA -- We would be working with eachother primarily through IMing or e-mail, though we can talk on the phone if that's your style. We're very flexible.
Type: You'll be paid as each feature is completed. However, you can choose to reject or accept creating the feature, and once again, you set your own price, depending on however you wish to calculate it's worth. It's not a full-time job, though we may ask you sporadically for help with something, though it is absolutely within your right to accept or reject it.
Requirements: As said in the title, we need someone fluent in those languages or at least have a firm grasp on them and can easily find the answer to any problem they run into while working with us -- The only thing we don't want to hear from you is "I can't do that".
Time Frame: This position is open for as long as necessary. I will remain in contact with anyone who is interested and fullfills our "wishlist" of attributes, whether it's via Skype, MSN, AIM, e-mail, texting (if you're in the US), etc.

Other information:

Please PM me for the more details. I probably won't say much about my project in public, since it's kind of a smaller project, but I have no issue at all with telling you anything you'd like to know via PM.

Thanks for reading.

And please, if I've left anything out, aside from what the project actually is, ask me here and I will gladly answer you.