change typing language in MS-DOS using assembly
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Thread: change typing language in MS-DOS using assembly

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    change typing language in MS-DOS using assembly

    hi everybody
    i m bigner in assembly
    i want to start a project using assembly language
    this program must change my keybord from english to another language such as turkish in MS-DOS environment
    in google i search and cant find any link for this
    anybody can help me

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    Re: change typing language in MS-DOS using assembly

    That's quite some time ago, but AFAIR there's no DOS API function available for that purpose (I may be wrong, though).

    Which is the best-fit approach probably depends on the scope to which you intend to change the keyboard layout for the most part. If it's just your own application, it's probably easiest to catch the keystrokes by hooking into INT 09h and do the mapping from scan codes to character codes yourself. Your app would then retrieve the characters entered by calling your own routines.

    If the above doesn't fit your needs you may gain some inspiration by reading pages at, but that's quite a bunch of stuff to read, much of which is rather specific to software components you're probably not using at all anyway.

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