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    How to check the checkboxes in the listview?

    Hi guys,

    I am working on my listview which I have almost finish it, but i need to work on the button event to check for each string in the listview whether if the checkbox is true or false. When I tick and untick on the checkboxes to add the strings in the label, I want to know how i can check them out through on the listview to see if the checkbox is true or false?

    Here's the code:

    String ^GetEnabledDisabledText(bool enabled)
    	return ((enabled ? "Enabled" : "Disabled"));
    static List<String^> ^subItems1 = gcnew List<String^>();
    void listView1_MouseClick(Object ^sender, System::Windows::Forms::MouseEventArgs ^e)
    	String ^strItem = listView1::HitTest(e->Location)->Item->SubItems[1]->Text;
    	if (subItems1->Contains(strItem))
    	label3->Text = String::Join(", ", subItems1->ToArray());
    void button1_Click(Object ^sender, System::EventArgs ^e)
    	button1->Enabled = false;
    	array<String^> ^a = nullptr;
    	a = label3->Text->Split(',');
    	int j = 0;
    	Object ^str = GetEnabledDisabledText(listView1::Items[j]->Checked);
    	MessageBox::Show(a[j]->Trim() + " is " + str->ToString());
    Do you know how I can get the messagebox to display and tells me if the checkboxes in the listview compare to each string that I add in the label is true or false?

    Can anyone help me with this?

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    Re: How to check the checkboxes in the listview?

    What exectly is your problem here?

    I see at least two things that look at least a bit suspicious:

    • Why is subItems1 static?
    • In your button click handler you're initializing j to 0 and then use that to index listView1::Items without giving it any chance to get modified in the meantime. Is that really what you intend? BTW, shouldn't that actually be listView1->Items? I strongly doubt that this even compiles...
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