I am working on my first Excel add-in ever, and my first VB app in 10 years. My how things have changed.

I have an image in My.Resources and would like to place it on the ActiveSheet. I realize I could do the following:

InsertPicture("C:\image.png", oXL.Range("A20"), True, True)

But the image I have does not exist on the file system, it only exists as a resource embedded in the app. I can't figure out a way to push this image, or even an empty image that could have its picture property updated to this image, to the sheet. Any ideas?

If this is impossible, another option would be to use the InsertPicture statement, if I can figure out how to package the image in with the install. So, any help with this would also be appreciated.



P.S. I realize there are probably only two other people in the world writing Excel add-ins in VB, but I thought I would try.