Hello all,
I am wanting to make a program that reads from an excel file and then writes that data to a csv file. I am aware I can do this through Excel and VBA, but this is not the best approach for my application. I need a simple console application that does this in the background without bringing up Excel and then I need to delete the file I made shortly afterwards.
I understand basics of C++, but every example I see is related to a actual windowed build with Visual C++ and nothing works for a console build. There are several tutorials that take Excel to HTML from C++, but I can't seem to get their code to compile, or have enough experience using any of their classes to modify them for my needs.
If someone could give me a simple snipet of code that will open up an excel file, read from a specific cell on a specific sheet and print that value to the screen, I would be forever grateful. After I get that information, I will be able to do the rest of what I am wanting to do.
Thanks in advance for any help!