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Thread: Problems / Bugs in the Forum upgrade.

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    Problems / Bugs in the Forum upgrade.

    Did a thread like this for the main site update, figured do one for the Forum update....

    1) Entry box text wrap, not wrapping full words in Chrome, (works okay in Firefox and IE) (Originally reported here).

    2.1) Thread views not updating - Is same as thread post count. (originally reported here). (only posting a reply will increment the view count.) - FIXED

    2.2) Related to above.. Attachment download count is also not updating.. Originally reported here. - FIXED

    3.1) Code tagged blocks now have permanent scroll bars, previously Scroll bars only appeared if required.. It just looks untidy on a 'codding' forum.. We should be able to correctly code a text box with scrollers.. (change the CSS overflow from Scroll to Auto) - (Original report here)

    3.2) In IE8 , code blocks seem to get an (enabled) horizontal scroll bar only if the longest code line is just a tiny bit (three or four characters at most, AFAICT) longer than the standard code block width. If they're longer than that, the lines get wrapped (Appears fine in FireFox) - (Original report here)

    4) Contrasting Icon Color's .. (Original request here).

    5) 'Quick Navigation' used to default to current forum highlighted when opening the DDL.. (and the individual items are now spaced out much further apart, requiring much more scroll action to find the relevant entry).

    6) Daily Subscribed Email time has changed.. Where can it be adjusted ?? (Original report here)..

    7) Post attachment and Upload system has changed and appears to be buggy - (see this thread)

    8) Sometimes pressing "Submit" appears to do nothing. When pressing it again get message saying that this post had already been submitted. Not being redirected to new post, after submitting it. (Original report here)

    9) 'Rate Post' enabled in Gd/CC and testing forums, Previously these two were not allowed to be rated... (original report)

    10) In IE 8, Forum software creating too big container boxes for non-inlined attached images.. (Original report here)

    11) Advanced search not working when searching for posts by Username (Original report), also Search results does not display the forum that the post is in..

    12) Using the Quick reply option often gives you a MSG "Changes made in the editor may be lost. ....................." and at times causes a duplicate posting.. (Reported here and reported here )

    13) Occational SQL 'Lock wait timeout exceeded' errors occurring when submitting a post or edit.. (reported here)

    Again will try to keep this post updated...
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