Hi, I'm having some problems with a very small app that uses a third party DLL. I can run the app on my computer (Windows 7, 32 bits), and could run it on several XP's, but on other windows 7 computers, the app won't run. I get a "The application stopped working" message, and then it closes. The problem is, I get no exception or anything, so I don't know what is causing the crash (at first glance). I tried putting MessageBox's before the first use of the DLLs resources and it crashes just after that.
MessageBox.Show("So far so good");
DllClassObject Object1 = new DllClassObject(); // This causes the crash
MessageBox.Show("This message will only show on XPs or my machine's Win7...");

Every machine I tried this on has the original third party complete software installed so the libraries are correctly registered. And besides, I also put the dll file in the same directory as the exe, so (as far as I know) it should look for it there when needed right?

Is there anything else I can do? How can I fix this?
Thank you for reading.