How to use dialog class for Docking Dialog
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Thread: How to use dialog class for Docking Dialog

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    Unhappy How to use dialog class for Docking Dialog

    Hi all Gurus. i am new to this forum and new to vc++ also i am just learning.

    i simply create Doc/View new project. Add Dialog Box With ID "IDD_COMMAND_WINDOW" on Res. and Add 2 Edit Box with one button.

    I Create Class for IDD_COMMAND_WINDOW from Class Wizard " ClsCommandWindow ", in this class i have declare variable from Class Wizard for 2 Edit box

    CString m_Edit1; and CMyCommandText m_Edit2; CMyCommandText is Separate Class for the control EditBox2. on CMyCommandText i add Window Message Handler OnCahr, OnGetDlgCode, OnKeyDown, OnChange and so on. so i can control easily.

    Now in CMainFrame i Add

    CDialogBar m_wndDlgBar // to make dockable dialogbox

    in OnCreate(...) here it use the dialog ID IDD_COMMAND_WINDOW. but no class.

     if (!m_wndDlgBar.Create(this, IDD_COMMAND_WINDOW,
          TRACE0("Failed to create DlgBar\n");
          return -1;      // Fail to create.
        m_wndDlgBar.EnableDocking (CBRS_ALIGN_BOTTOM   );
        EnableDocking(CBRS_ALIGN_BOTTOM   );
    It Display Dialog box with dockable but there is no use of ClsCommandWindow class. so where do i use the ClsCommandWindow class? if it use then i can control all event on that dialog box.

    or Is there any other way to use it. if so, please guide me on this.

    i hope this much make clear, what i want to make.

    Thanks for help.


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    Re: How to use dialog class for Docking Dialog

    "When in Rome, do as Romans do."
    My latest articles:

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    Re: How to use dialog class for Docking Dialog

    hi Thanks for reply. it look good info for me.
    i will try.
    Thanks again.

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