C++ outperforms C# ?
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Thread: C++ outperforms C# ?

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    Red face C++ outperforms C# ?

    Yes, I also agree because Ms. Gregory is one of top leaders of C++.
    I was listening to this interview video. http://www.gregcons.com/KateBlog/ct....%2f%3fp%3d1882

    She picks up three points but the third one is cut. What could be the third one ? Do you have the fourth, fifth etc.

    Thank you a lot, and I would also thank Ms.Gregory for having shared the above ideas. I once was asked the same question in a recent interview, you helped me speak up all 2 points and the interviewer said I was low of programming skills although he wasn't understanding what I was talking and he failed me . (I know he is kind of an instant noodle or spaghetti engineer leader.)

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    Re: C++ outperforms C# ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ledidas View Post
    he wasn't understanding what I was talking and he failed me
    Maybe you didn't make a clear enougth distinction between language and technology.

    When Microsoft introduces a new C++ library, or makes Visual Studio handle C++ a little better, or tweaks the compiler to generate more efficient code, this may improve their C++ technology but it doesn't improve the C++ language. That can only be accomplished by a change in the C++ standard.

    So whatever Microsoft does to their C++ technology the C++ language stays the same. If this isn't crystal clear you will flunk interviews.
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