Who we are?
Aciety is building a freelancing platform, which will help to foster the global “Freed by Employment 2.0” movement and a general mindset of being self-employed, recognized and rewarded accordingly to your performance. The platform helps to acquire control of your income, desirable workload and personal freedom. A variety of nations in our team represents the nature of our company, which is global since the first day it was born.

What are we looking for?
We are currently seeking for experienced and passionate developers and designers to work with us in a freelance/contract capacity in order to create a robust freelancing platform.

Skills (non obligatory)
The perfect applicant would have skills in playing with at least one of these:
PHP, MySQL, Python, C++, Cassandra, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JS, infographics, videos, UI/UX and web design.
For senior entry level tasks:
Project Management, Technical Writing, Quality Assurance.

Workflow at Aciety
Work is divided into a few detailed stages with milestone based compensations. The stages are being developed collaboratively on MediaWiki platform combined with IdeaTorrent and GitHub. All employees can participate in brainstorming about the company’s products. In the end, we allow our employees to choose the tasks they want to accomplish for the set price. Flexibility and adjustment to personal schedules guaranteed.

If you are interested, please register at http://developers.aciety.com and we will keep in touch with you through our system.