I am working on my first Import Export manager. I keep looking at the objects and I don't quite understand how to go from csv to excel to a nice printable format. Used the Jet engine and a schema.ini file to import export my csv's is there something along those lines I could do for the excel portion and formatting? I have done googles, and checked the MSDN quite a bit. I keep coming back to Interop but I can't get this to work write on my Development machine, and it looks like it might require office 2010. I only have office 2003 to work with. I also need this program to be compatible with both Win7 and WinXP. I think I am looking for example codes and reference that I may not have found.

My initial thought was this should be cake because when I open a csv it opens in excel formatted the way I want anyway so just printing it from there would be ideal. Unfortunately this can of worms is deeper than I thought.