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Thread: Need Program Coded - Willing to Donate $$

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    Need Program Coded - Willing to Donate $$

    Hi there, I was wondering if you guys could do some coding/compiling for me. I am a coding novice and don"t feel comfortable doing this myself, so I will pay $30 paypal to whoever can!

    Let me give you some background on this project. It is a simple scoreboard application that reads and writes a text file.

    Name:  Scoreboard-Update-GUI.jpg
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    This is the idea I had in mind. As you can see I can design the GUI but have no idea how to code it.
    In short, I want this program to read/write to a single text document (score.txt)

    I would like the program divided into 3 sections just like the picture shows. If possible, I would like the “save” button to update only the info in its respective group. ( I don’t want the home save button to update the visitor score.)

    For Home/Visitor Name – I want to be able to type the name and have it remain in the text box until changed/deleted. (I don’t want to have to type the name every time I hit save)
    I need the “Home Name” text box to affect Line 1 of score.txt and the “Visitor Name” to affect Line 4.

    Next we move down to the scoring section of the program.
    At the bottom you can see Buttons with + and – Numbers. These buttons are self explanatory. These Buttons need to affect the number in the “New Score” Field using simple addition/subtraction. Starting at 00 each button should add/subtract its respective amount.
    Once the “New Score” field has the updated score, I would like to update the txt file by clicking the “save” button below. After clicking save, I would like the “Current Score” Field to update to the change.
    You can think of new score as a preview before saving . Current score would be the latest saved score.
    For the Home Score, Line2 of score.txt must be updated. For Visitor Score Line 5 must be updated.

    Last is the Game Info Section
    It is very similar to the scoring section, except I want a simple replacement.
    I want to be able to click on each button to select the quarter and click save to update Line 3 of score.txt

    This is the text each button should insert:
    1st = 1ST
    2nd = 2ND
    Halftime = HT
    3rd = 3RD
    4th= 4TH

    Name:  textdocument.jpg
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    I have attached a zip with all the pictures and score.txt

    I tried to explain this as simple as I could. Does not seem like too much work. Let me know if you guys have questions.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Re: Need Program Coded - Willing to Donate $$

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