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    SMS & voice code using ZTE MP-100 Data Card USB

    Hard to find Googling it. I just wanna know the exact code or plug-ins by which I can send and Receive SMS using my ZTE MP-100 Data card USB modem. I know it can be done by MScomm control. I need the exact settings that works, I know the method. And if possible any ActiveX or Library or Code (using Mscomm) that help to dial and receive call using ZTE MP-100(The modem is unlocked and voice enabled now). (If possible the full code coz I'm running a project that requires these features, time is less to experiment). Language preferably VB6, no problem if VB.net. Exact support is expected. Thanks.
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    Re: SMS & voice code using ZTE MP-100 Data Card USB

    Exact support is expected.
    Best to contact their SUPPORT for this. Pay them, and they can probably help. Anybody else that ALREADY PAID solved their problem, and wouldn't want to share.

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    Re: SMS & voice code using ZTE MP-100 Data Card USB

    It's not possible for me to afford online paid support for location issue. And "support" I meant is not customer support, just "the code" reply not suggestions like go through this or ask someone else. Sorry to choose a wrong word.
    I really need it, I meant.

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    Re: SMS & voice code using ZTE MP-100 Data Card USB

    If you want someone to 'DO THE WORK FOR YOU', you wont find them here.. Here we offer debugging help, sort out issues, and discuss do's and dont's...

    As for help with code and how to do it...

    here are a few Codeguru threads to help you...

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