The program I'm making needs some .txt files as databases, obviously. In devbook(which by the way is goin to be ready by next month, now starring some very neat stuff like a pretty exact code formatter, a class mode, an importer and a project signature system - PM me if you want a pre-beta) i used a folder located in the C: drive of the user as a database, folder which would be automatically created on first use and repaired at every opening of the program. Whatsoever i observed that by moving the folder to another destination precious data would be lost, such as user-independent data(not system stuff). So my question is:

I know i can read them by using .getClass().getResource().

If it is helping at all - i'm going to have something called ''resource"'folder inside the .jar archive alongside the meta.inf and src folder (please dont kill me if i got it wrong, i have only been inside a .jar archive twice or so) mainly because i need to use the list() method for getting all the names of the text files the user is going to create.
please tell me if this confuses you, im trying to simplify it as much as possible(but no more )