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    Talking Generics and Reflection

    I have a Method that accepts a generic parameter:
    public void AddErrors<T>(T Validator)
    I have two Validator classes (Incoming and Outgoing). Each contain an ERRORS collection. Below is an example of the OutgoingDefinition

    It is defined as:
    public List<Error<OutgoingErrors>> Errors {get;set;}
    Error is a generic class that is a Translator of sorts that will hold a ErrorEnum and various other properties depending on the error type (i.e. Incoming/Outgoing)

    What i want to do is create an instance of my Validator (either incoming or outgoing) and then pass it into my "AddErrors" method defined above.
    On that validator, i want to grab the "ERRORS" property and get the value of that so that I can do something specific with it. The problem I'm having is validator.Errors doesn't compile since validator is defined as Generic.

    So, I'm trying to use Reflection to grab the property info.

    var errors = validator.GetType().GetProperty("Errors");
    Once I grab the Errors Proprety Info, I'm trying to do a GetValue() on "errors" but I'm just haven't been able to obtain that property object

    Can someone give me some pointers on how to obtain that?

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    Re: Generics and Reflection

    Not answering your question, but is there a way to approach the problem without using reflection?

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    Re: Generics and Reflection

    can it be implemented with its own GetType and GetProperty instead ? Or any ways to distinguish between Out and In errors. If they are all added in during failed communications, one can append some flag to make them different while logging.

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    Re: Generics and Reflection

    Obtaining type information via Reflection is quite a bit more complex for Generic types than for non-generic types. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...v=vs.100).aspx for more details.

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