I have always thought about opening a small business at home as my retiring plan (I am in my 30's). By retiring, I would mean to not join any companies anymore and would like to run the business on my own.
But whatever sort of businesses I thought up are either failed from or already fully filled the market. Otherwise, I always fear that I may go to jail after a while running a business from government loans without being able to pay my debt because there are no customers in years long.
Seriously,is it because I am truly lazy or because of something else as my personality or characters that I sometimes think I "don't want to go to work for someone else anymore". How does working at home earn me money ?
My current salary in a company X is around, for example, $100; if I can make $60-90 with home work, then I may rethink to quit the X, 10 to 40 bucks are X's constraint fee.
Please help me think up a plan.