I'm following the manual and try to update a record in a access data table, but there is some fail. I use VB Express 2010
here is the code

Dim my_connstr As String
my_connstr = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=""C:\Users\htrendaf\Documents\01_Skretting work\Prosjekter 2011\proj - VB stopploggextractor\DB\skr_pn_V05.mdb"""

Dim conn As OleDb.OleDbConnection
Dim comm As OleDb.OleDbCommand
Dim ad As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter
Dim ds As New DataSet 'System.Data.DataSet
Dim msql As String

conn = New OleDb.OleDbConnection(my_connstr)
msql = "select * from es_stopplogg"
comm = New OleDb.OleDbCommand(msql, conn)
ad.SelectCommand = comm

ad.Fill(ds, "Update")

Dim cb As New OleDb.OleDbCommandBuilder(ad)

ds.Tables("Update").Rows(1).Item(9) = "try to update"

ad.Update(ds, "Update")

Catch exError As System.Data.Common.DbException ' MySqlException
End Try

and then there is a fail when I execute - see the image for the fail message
The message is in Norwegian but it stands: There is not declared a value for one or more of the needed parameters.

What is my fail ???

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