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    creating and accessing a checkbox

    Windows XP Pro, Visual Studio 2008, C++, MFC
    Goal: use some checkboxes

    Created a Dialog
    Created a class for the dialog: C_Control_Logging
    Created a checkbox: ID = IDC_CBOX_ENABLE_ALL_LOGGING
    Right clicked checkbox and added a variable: m_cbox_logging_enabled
    In the constructor is the code:
    [code] m_c_box_logging_enabled.SetCheck( BST_CHECKED )[/code}

    The result when stepping over this line of code is a popup saying:
    Debug Assertion Failed!
    The line of code referenced is in afxwin2.inl. I read this as a safety
    check point telling me I have a fundamental error in the checkbox code.

    I am suspecting that I am not getting the variable associated with the checkbox,
    but don't know how to do that.

    when I open the properties of the checkbox I don't recognize anything that
    indicates that this checkbox is checked or not checked.

    How do I get access to this checkbox?
    What should I do different?

    (BTW: I have been searching, but everything I find is either not C++ or involves creating a checkbox from scratch. I have already created a couple using the Dialog utilities and now just need to find out how to access them.)

    Edit: Just so it is said, I can open and close the new dialog box.

    Edit again: After reading some more in my text book, I see that my new class does not have an OnInitDialog() function. I supose that means I created the class incorrectly, but I don't see the error of my ways. The book says I can over-ride it, but I have not been able to find that property box yet.

    Thank you for your time.
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