On August 17th, 2012, E-iceblue Co., Ltd published a new professional WPF spreadsheet component Spire.Spreadsheet for WPF. As a vendor of .NET, Silverlight and WPF components, e-iceblue makes a great achievement on the new product development.

Compatible with Excel, Numbers and any other XLS-based Spreadsheet program, this WPF spreadsheet component allows developers and programmers to directly perform a wide range of tasks in their WPF applications, such as read, write, edit and customize spreadsheet files. Also, as a standalone WPF component, Spire. Spreadsheet for WPF can realize a lot of functions without the slightest dependency on Microsoft Excel. Besides, it supports operations on Excel 97-2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 in C#, VB.NET. The main functions can be displayed as below:

Main Functions:
1. View Excel 97-2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010(even when they are encrypted) and zoom scale from 100% to 400%.
2. Load Excel from folder, stream and byte array.
3. Customize column / row, manage formulas, Run-Time Validation, comments in Excel.
4. Import Data from Data table to Excel.
5. Resize column width/row height and set style & formats, such as cell fonts, cell borders, conditional formatting and number formatting etc.
6. Insert images, comments and hyperlinks.
7. Support freeze panes.
8. Customize Toolbar.
9. Optimize workbook append/load events.

Apparently, Spire.Spreadsheet for WPF offers multiple choices to view, edit, manage and customize your Spreadsheet. More details about this spreadsheet component can be consulted by below link:

Different from Spire.XLS for WPF, Spire.Spreadsheet for WPF can directly visualize and perform Excel without the help of any other tools. While at the same time, they are mutually complementary since Spire.XLS for WPF can view Excel file only when MS Excel is installed. At this point, Spire.Spreadsheet for WPF, to a large extent, satisfies customer need in a great way. However, as a new product, Spire.Spreadsheet for WPF is not best, some points still need improving. So what customers most concern is that are there other features and functions added to this new spreadsheet component in the new version? Now, the next update is expected, it is really worth to give this spreadsheet component a try:


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