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Thread: Learning c#

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    Mesome32 Guest

    Learning c#

    So i recently decided to learn c# and I'm kind of a noob and i don't really know where to start with it i'd like to learn
    but i can't really see where to start i am looking for resources or maybe a mentor to help me I'd like to know something decent on the language so i can eventually learn more i am very confused and dont know where to start.

    Also i had this idea for the msagents and making a digital life assistant kinda like jarvis in iron man

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    Re: Learning c#

    As I tell everyone, choose a (simple!) project that will hold your interest. If you have no knowledge at all, try searching for "<Name of thing> tutorial" (e.g. C# tutorial). This one is fairly OK: http://www.csharp-station.com/Tutorial.aspx. Others may be better.

    Do you have any programming experience in any other language?

    Good luck! Just play around with the language. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

    If you need an integrated development environment (and don't own Visual Studio), I strongly recommend SharpDevelop: http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/Download/
    You may also need to install the .NET framework if you have not already done so: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/down...s.aspx?id=8279
    Best Regards,

    All advice is offered in good faith only. You are ultimately responsible for effects of your programs and the integrity of the machines they run on.

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    Re: Learning c#

    I came up on my own from javascript and legacy ASP/VBScript in the stone age. For at least a month, everything was foregin and confusing - I had to look up EVERY single thing I wanted to do, and it was difficult for me to get my mind wrapped around the seemingly mysterious assembly references that could let you do anything if you only knew what they were. For six months, it was slow-going, but soon I found myself typing the language as naturally as I thought.

    My advice? Keep at it, don't allow frustration to turn you away. Start simple and build up. Google is your friend. Forums like this are the penultimate, SEARCHABLE (i.e. search before asking) FAQ on the topic. You may want a definitive hardcopy book to help with reference (Wrox's Javascript helped me immensely with javascript but I had no such book for C-sharp). Use "C-sharp" instead of "C#" when googling. There are usually at least 3 ways of doing the same thing in c-sharp - some more efficient or applicable than others - don't worry about that for now. Just "getting it done" is good for now - worry about optimization after you become more proficient. Everybody seems to develop a preference for web or forms or services or custom controls or console apps - don't box yourself in until you've done them all.

    For the first <insert long time period here>, you'll feel like the task is damned near pointless and you'll just never be able to do anything without spending countless hours searching and reading and trying to "get" it. But keep at it if there is still the slightest spark in you - because it comes, and when it does, it's a great feeling - like there's nothing you can't do (and there almost is nothing you can't do).

    Finally, there is no such thing as a stupid question, but there IS such a thing as a lazy question. People on this forum are generally amazing and more than willing to help with even the most basic/simple question. BUT, your question should be specific and not available in the first page of a Google search for it. I wish you the best of luck, and hope that your experience is as rewarding for you as it was for me.

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    Mesome32 Guest

    Re: Learning c#

    Thanks This helped and I'll google and see if i can find something.

    I might just buy C# for dummies.

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    Mesome32 Guest

    Re: Learning c#

    Thank I'll try a more complete google search, I might buy a C# book on amazon.

    I'll make a new thread when i start the DLA project. :D

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    Re: Learning c#

    C-sharp for Dummies is actually a pretty decent reference. So is the Wrox book (forget the title - something like "Introduction to c-sharp programming." If you'd rather stay free & digital, try Googling "C-sharp tutorial." There are a lot of beginner's reference materials in the public domain. Good luck and remember we're all here to help with any specific questions you can't find an answer to on your own.

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    Re: Learning c#

    Just want to add my 2 cents worth of encouragement...

    I started in assembler, then went to ANSI C, then C++, then Visual Basic (pre-.Net), then VB.Net, and for the past three years C#. I think I like C# the best. The way I learn a new language syntax:

    1. Read
    2. Try
    3. Bang head on wall
    4. start again at 1

    At first you have to look up everything, with time, practice, and experience, this happens less and less. At some point everything will "click" and your understanding will start to grow exponentially.

    Be patient - you'll get there.

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