Hello all,

Not sure whehter this is the correct place to post this question. but let me start here.

my requirement:
Is there any tool to detect How much RAM is sought of an EXE, and how much is available at a given instance while I running my App?

My application is an automation application of a 3rd party EXE which has given APIs and its own objects to automate menus, menu items, implementation of other features.

File I/O, display of raster images etc is the work of this 3rd party EXE.

I am working on loading and displaying of 1.5 GB raster images on two machines each having WinXP OS SP3, 32 bit, Intel Core2 Duo CPU @ 3.00 Htz, 2.99 Htz, and 3GB of RAM.

One machine poses no issues. AT peak time, Virtual Memory usage as seen in Task manager for this 3rd Party EXE goes up in bulks of movement and reached to 1.6 GB or so.

whereas, second machine gives a crash of the 3rd Party Application even before any movement in RAM. This might give a clue that 3rd Party EXE asks OS to allocate a bulk Memory of the order of 1.6 GB or so, and fails to get it.

I wonder if certain portions of RAM are beyond availability for allocation due to any HW damages etc?