Global variable problem in Visual Studio 2010
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Thread: Global variable problem in Visual Studio 2010

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    Global variable problem in Visual Studio 2010

    I know globals are generally a bad idea, I just use them for debugging purposes on occasion.

    I have a global variable that is clearly (I checked this multiple times, in multiple ways) not being accessed by any other part of the program. But the value of the variable is being modified somehow, from time to time.

    I'm trying to list possible reasons for why this could be happening. My best guess right now is memory corruption. In particular, perhaps writing past the end of an array.

    What other possibilities should I consider?

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    Re: Global variable problem in Visual Studio 2010

    1. What is the type of this "global variable"?
    2. You chose a wrong Forum for your question: this Forum is for:
    Share bugs and fixes for source code on this site. Also use this to share bugs/fixes in the various class libraries etc. of use to VC++ developers. This is NOT for general programming questions.
    while your problem is a problem in your own code because of some your own bugs.
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: Global variable problem in Visual Studio 2010

    If you think it's memory corruption you can set a data breakpoint to find the reason. Start the debugging session by pressing F10, find the address to that global and then use Debug/New Breakpoint/New Data Brakepoint
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