Borderless buttons on CDialogBar
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Thread: Borderless buttons on CDialogBar

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    Borderless buttons on CDialogBar

    I want to clean up the look of my dialog bar by having borderless buttons in my freeware app ( I'm using VC 2005. I tried ModifyStyle( 0, TBSTYLE_FLAT ) within the dialogbar OnCreate, and to remove the WS_BORDER style from the buttons but nothing seems to work.*In VC2005 am I able to have borderless buttons on a CDialogBar? Can you tell me how?*Thanks,Sam

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    Re: Borderless buttons on CDialogBar

    The "flat" style for button controls is BS_FLAT.
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    Re: Borderless buttons on CDialogBar

    Afraid BS_FLAT is not a borderless style.

    and to remove the WS_BORDER style from the buttons but nothing seems to work
    And it never would. Old Windows controls are very rigid in aspect of controlling their visual traits. A solution may be BS_OWNERDRAW only.
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