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    Efficiently adding two Images


    I am totally new to this and am planning to write my first program with C++ that adds two images. I have seen alot of resources on net that tells technique of doing soo and they look easy to be implemented. But i am not sure if they are the best and most efficient way of doing it. So, my question to all you graphics programmer is that can you guide me towards some reliable resources on that matter. Also, can you give me some hints that which parameters should i take most care of to efficiently implement the program . Thanks

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    Re: Efficiently adding two Images

    It's lile asking over the net "I want to eat something and I see many kinds of food. Please advise which to choose!" This way you can die starved util getting an answer.
    So seriously, your question is too vague and general. To get an answer, you have to provide more details.
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    Re: Efficiently adding two Images

    Well what do you mean by "adding 2 images". You have 2 images and you want to stick them side by side (or one on top of the other).
    Or do you mean 'merging' the two images into one (this is called AlphaBlending and there are API's in windows to do this.
    There are blurring, lighting, bumpmapping, filtering and tons of other effects you can do with somehow combining 2 images. You'll need to provide more info.

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    Re: Efficiently adding two Images

    My doubt is also same as OReubens'

    You want to add to photos or want to merge them??????
    Did you check w3schools?????

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