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Thread: Save image drawn on Panel

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    Save image drawn on Panel


    I have a C#/GDI+ paint program (winform app.) in which I draw certain images (ellipses and rectangles) with interchangeable colors and pen sizes on a panel using MouseUp/Down/Move events (not Paint event). Everything is working but I can't seem to be able to save what I have drawn on the panel? Could someone help?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Save image drawn on Panel

    It is not particularly common to use a Panel for drawing. In any case you need to creat a Graphics object, then an image from this Graphics object - then, you could draw and save virtually anything on anything.

    for example :

            Graphics displayGraphics = this.CreateGraphics();
            Image img = new Bitmap(this.Width, this.Height, displayGraphics);
            Graphics gr = Graphics.FromImage(img);
    Then you use the gr object to draw and the img object to save :
    gr.DrawEllipse(MYPEN, 270, 160, 30, 30);
    That gives you more or less an idea of what to do

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