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Thread: Bachelor Thesis

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    Bachelor Thesis


    i am a Computer Science Student from Germany. I am on my way to my bachelor thesis and since our faculty does not provide any topic that im interested in, I am trying to find one on my own. But thats really difficult! Hence I want to ask you if you could suggest me some interesting topics on current questions.

    Here are my interests:
    Android(SDK and NDK (have no clue about it but sounds interesting)),
    Coding(C++, Java),
    Operating Systems (no not MS stuff, meaning OS in an abstact way, even Embedded ones)
    Boot sequences,
    any stuff below Layer 3,
    Embedded Systems.

    I hope for about a million suggestions so every geeky proposal is welcome!
    Thanks in advance.


    At the moment i am enormously interested in Android Root Stuff (Root busybox). Hence some tracking or spoofing application would be goddamit exciting but i am not able to determine, if something like that is realizable at all. Because i dont know if i can access the modules (Wifi and GPS) on low level, possibly with teh NDK?
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    Re: Bachelor Thesis

    Quote Originally Posted by ImNotaBot View Post
    I am on my way to my bachelor thesis and since our faculty does not provide any topic that im interested in, I am trying to find one on my own. But thats really difficult!
    I think you should have another look at the topics suggested by the faculty. A computer science education is about deep basic stuff that will last for decades even a whole life time. Your professors know this and suggest proper topics accordingly. Then you can always apply a little creativity to make your chosen topic more "interesting" by doing it in the context of some fancy technology fad of the day.

    I've had a look at your other thread and would guess you were a first year student rather than close to graduation. How on earth have you managed to get this far with such vague knowledge of programming languages and object orientation? Instead of fooling around with "current questions" I recommend you get your act together and start doing something substantial before it's too late. University is not kindergarden. Grow up!

    Finally it's considered impolite to start threads and then abandon them. At least thank the people who made an effort to help you.
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    Re: Bachelor Thesis

    Okay, now I feel defensive. But your right. Since I have a tight timeplan, I was not able to visit the forum again. I hoped to get mail in case of an answer. But I got none.

    As you already metioned at the university we get teached in theoretic stuff. We have 180 ECTS to achieve and just 4 of them are included in a course about programming languages (C++ or Java, our choice).

    Anyway thank you for your help.
    I'm hanging around in english forums, becuase i want to _improve_ my english. So please feel free to correct me.

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    Re: Bachelor Thesis

    machine learning
    speech generation
    speech recognition

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