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    HELP please!?!?!?

    Im just starting out in programming,
    need help with assignment that was given to me today.

    Im suppose to develop a program that will show the interest of a loan over time.
    Principal is the loan amount (e.g, 200.50), rate is the interest rate percentage (e.g., 3.9), and time is the duration of the loan in years (e.g., 2). You will need to prompt the user to enter the principal, rate and time. Use the following data types to store the data:

    Interest (Double)
    Principal (Double)
    Rate (Double)
    Time (Integer)

    After calculating the interest, your program should display it in the format shown below:

    The interest paid on $200.50 is : $15.64

    Im still quite confused on on how to write this. Can someone code this and explain steps? Please i need help. Thank you very much if you help.

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    Re: HELP please!?!?!?

    Please do not start multiple threads for the same question.
    I have deleted the other 3
    Always use [code][/code] tags when posting code.

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    Re: HELP please!?!?!?

    Sorry I was definitely not trying to start multiple posts. I didn't see after I posted a thread that would be invisible until after administrator checks it. My apologies.

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    Re: HELP please!?!?!?

    No, I will absolutely not do your homework then explain how I did it. Learning to code (any language) is an exersize in critical thinking. Break down the problem into small steps and try to determine the code required to perform those steps. If I do it for you, I cheat you out of the opportunity to learn and the satisfaction of finding your own solution to the problem.

    Give the problem a try. Then if you have problems that you can't solve, post the code you tried and any number of people here will be happy to guide you to a workable solution.

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