I am opening, editting, saving and then closing a word file using a dll. It writes a table which is then filled with string values provided by the user.

The issue is that the dll functions correctly if the user has installed word in German language. For a user who has installed Office in English language, I have to change the code and compile the dll again.

For e.g., the following is the part of code that draws table in a word document:
object TableStyle = "Mittlere Formatvorlage 8";
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Range tableLocation = m_ReportDoc.Range(ref start, ref end);
m_ReportDoc.Tables.Add(tableLocation, aRows, aColumn, ref MISSING, ref MISSING);            
m_ReportDoc.Tables[1].set_Style(ref TableStyle);
As clear from the code the table style is set to "Mittlere Formatvorlage 8". This style is "Table Grid 8" (example) in English.

Now my questions are:
- how can I know in which language the word has been installed, so that depending on the installtion language, I can set the table style.
- Is there any method, so that I can set table style in German without accounting for the language. The word automatically looks for the replacement of given style in the installed language. This happens when I recieve a word file which was originally created in English but opens without any problem on my PC where the word is installed in German.

Thanks in advance.