I have a article table with over 10000 records
There are around 1500 articles with a picture.
And around 500 with around 3 pictures of the article.

Searched for many houres on the internet. But didn't find any option that was good in my case.

Now the program self runs for 5 days each week and is then shut down.
If it would run faster I would integrate it in another program.
So now its just loaded in the datatable so it is fast once it's loaded.

Boolean bool3 = System.IO.File.Exists(strImagePath1 + artikel.ArtikelId + ".jpg");
Boolean bool1 = System.IO.File.Exists(strImagePath1 + artikel.ArtikelId + "-1.jpg");
Boolean bool2 = System.IO.File.Exists(strImagePath2 + artikel.ArtikelId + ".jpg");
if (bool3 == true || bool1 == true || bool2 == true)
    if (bool3 == true) 
        bmp = new Bitmap(System.Drawing.Bitmap.FromFile(strImagePath1 + artikel.ArtikelId + ".jpg"));
    if (bool1 == true && bool3 == false)
        bmp = new Bitmap(System.Drawing.Bitmap.FromFile(strImagePath1 + artikel.ArtikelId + "-1.jpg"));

    if (bool2 == true && bool3 == false && bool1 == false)
        bmp = new Bitmap(System.Drawing.Bitmap.FromFile(strImagePath2 + artikel.ArtikelId + ".jpg"));
    if (bmp.Width > bmp.Height)
        result = (double)bmp.Height / bmp.Width * height;
        newheight = (int)result;
        newwidth = width;
        newheight = height;
        result = (double)bmp.Width / bmp.Height * width;
        newwidth = (int)result;
    artikel.Afbeelding = bmp.GetThumbnailImage(newwidth, newheight, null, new IntPtr());
Now the question is can it load faster. just need low quality thumbnails.
If the product is called seperatly I will call it from the folder.
It can't have effect on sorting/filtering.
The pictures change sometimes to so can't work with reference.

Maybe one option is just loading a thumbnail in the database and get the rest of the images in the folders.
But I would like to know what is your suggestion.

Tried this already but still long loading time.

public static System.Drawing.Image ResizeImage(System.Drawing.Image image, int width, int height)
    //a holder for the result 
    Bitmap result = new Bitmap(width, height);

    //use a graphics object to draw the resized image into the bitmap 
    using (Graphics graphics = Graphics.FromImage(result))
        //set the resize quality modes to high quality 
        graphics.CompositingQuality = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.CompositingQuality.HighSpeed;
        graphics.InterpolationMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.InterpolationMode.Low;
        graphics.SmoothingMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.SmoothingMode.HighSpeed;
        //draw the image into the target bitmap 
        graphics.DrawImage(image, 0, 0, result.Width, result.Height);
    //return the resulting bitmap 
    return result;
Thanks in advance