hello all,

im really new into programming and was wondering if someone could give me a hand, i have looked online, forums, videos etcand cant seem to get my answers from these and get confused and lost.

basically i wanna make a application to do the following (best way i can explain it sorry)

machine 1 = "Client", person inputs data, receives data, signs in, registers, and various other things

Machine 2 = "Server", receives data from machine 1 and machine 3 and saves to machine 3, receives data from machine 4 sends to machine 1 on request

Machine 3 = "Databases", stores the databases for client user info

Machine 4 = "Server2" robot gathers various information from databases from within machine4 sends to machine 2

this is my basic idea, and dnno how and where to start, im using visual 2012 and sql 2012

appreciate any help i can get