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    Unhappy Runtime error '440': unable to make connection,ORA-06413

    Urgent issue
    this is my code
    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    'Declare variables
    Dim OraSession As Object
    Dim OraDatabase As Object
    Dim OraDynaset As Object
    'Create the OraSession Object.
    Set OraSession = CreateObject("OracleInProcServer.XOraSession")
    'Create the OraDatabase Object by opening a connection to Oracle.
    Set OraDatabase = OraSession.OpenDatabase("sampleDBname", "username/password", 0&)
    'Display the username and database to which you have connected.
    MsgBox "Connected to " & OraDatabase.Connect & "@" & OraDatabase.DatabaseName
    End Sub
    Using this application. the exe file runs fine in program files but its fails in program files(x86)

    system details:
    windows 7 64bit
    oracle 11g

    please help me out

    advance thanks
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    Re: Runtime error '440': unable to make connection,ORA-06413

    Not familiar with Oracle, but my first thought is a windows OS permissions issue. Have you set the exe file to run with admin level permissions?
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    Re: Runtime error '440': unable to make connection,ORA-06413

    thanks for the reply..
    yes i have the admin level permission...
    using DAO connecting to oracle 11g...

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    Re: Runtime error '440': unable to make connection,ORA-06413

    I have not done anything with Oracle and have not used DAO for about 10 years so I can't say what the problem could be. I would think your life would be a lot simplier if you were to use ADO rather than DAO. To the best of my knowledge ADO does not require you to jump through hoops to connect to Oracle or any other ODBC compliant database engine. Typically it is just a matter of using the proper connection string after that all the functions are pretty much the same no matter which DB engine you are using.
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    Re: Runtime error '440': unable to make connection,ORA-06413

    Look it up on ORACLE's site. They probably have samples in a variety of languages. VB6 and/or DAO are both very old, and newer IDE's can automatically find things like that. NuGet for example...

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    Question Re: Runtime error '440': unable to make connection,ORA-06413

    as Datamiser suggested .use Ado it is Thousend time better .any Way the following way i connect the oracle database .
    whether it is 9i,10g & 11g Database .that is really no Issue .and it is working in our hundreds of application .
     dim con as adodb.connection 
     Dim constr as string
     Set con = New ADODB.Connection
       constr = " Provider = OraOLEDB.Oracle;Data Source=;User Id=RORMS;Password=rorms" 
      con.Open constr
    MsgBox "Connected to " & RMS & "database"
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