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    Is it the End of Microsoft "Metro"…?

    All indications are that Microsoft Windows Metro, as a name, is going away. Will a new name be coming for this Modern Windows paradigm?

    Brad! Jones,
    LotsOfSoftware, LLC

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    Re: Is it the End of Microsoft "Metro"…?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Jones View Post
    ... this Modern Windows paradigm?
    It looks like Metro is being replaced by "Windows 8-style theme":


    But I doubt Windows 8 will ever be remembered as modern and a paradigm. It would take more than a slightly augmented Win32 replacement and a phone-style UI theme for that. And to make them hopelessly intertwined was hardly the brightest of ideas.

    For certain applications OS specific peculiarities don't have to be a concern. One can always use portable frameworks like Qt and OS independent languages such as Java. But I won't spoil the soup. I'll take WinRT as an opportunity because it levels the field for programmers without decades of Win32 experience. I'll become the most devoted WinRT programmer there ever was.
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    Re: Is it the End of Microsoft "Metro"…?

    AFAIK, the name could be either Modern UI or even Windows 8 UI

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