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Thread: Tomcat configuration

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    Tomcat configuration

    how can i change the host name to a userdefined name.
    i am hosting a java application which i build using servlet and jsp.
    i am using apache-tomcat-7.0.29 and jdk 7.
    to acess my application i have to type HTTP:\\\\EmergencyImagePush\Firstpage.jsp.
    Now what i want to do is that to acess the the same application by the name http:\\Image and it should give me the first page.
    can you help.

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    Re: Tomcat configuration

    Well first of all you need to get a domain and point to your IP address. Then you need to bust open your sevlet configuration and map your '.../Firstpage.jsp' to '/'

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    Re: Tomcat configuration

    No i am hosting this application in intranet for internal use only so i do not need a domain.
    I am already hosting it from my system and people in the network can acess it but they have to type-- but i want the address to be http://Image or something short and hence it will be easy for the people in the network to acess it in one shot.

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    Re: Tomcat configuration

    This isn't a tomcat config issue it's a domain name issue. You need to add the domain name to IP address mapping to each user's computer's host file. On windows systems it can found at:
    (assuming you installed windows on the C drive)
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