Static code analysis is one of the error detection methodologies. We are glad that this methodology is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Visual Studio which includes static analysis as one of its many features contributes to this process to a large extent. This feature is easy to try and start using regularly. When one understands one likes static code analysis, we are glad to offer a professional analyzer PVS-Studio for the languages C/C++/C++11.

The Visual Studio development environment allows you to perform static code analysis. This analysis is very useful and easy-to-use. However, we should understand that Visual Studio performs a huge number of functions. It means that each of its functions taken separately cannot compare to specialized tools. The code refactoring and coloring functions are not as good as in Visual Assist. The function of integrated image editing is naturally worse than that in Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW. The same is true for the static code analysis function as well.

But this all is theorization. Let's move to practice and see what interesting things the PVS-Studio analyzer has managed to find in Visual Studio 2012 folders.

We didn't actually plan to check the source files included into Visual Studio. It happened by chance: many header files underwent some changes in Visual Studio 2012 because of support for the new language standard C++11. We have faced the task to make sure that the PVS-Studio analyzer can handle these header files.