I am new at java programming so I need to make one class called Card. This class contains named constnts for the four Suits(CLUBS, DIAMONDS, HEARTS, SPADES) and four Ranks(ACE, JACK, QUEEN, KING) with respectively values 1, 11, 12, 13. This is how i implemented this part:

public class Card {

public static final int ACE=1;
public static final int JACK=11;
public static final int QUEEN=12;
public static final int KING=13;

public static final String SUIT1="CLUBS";
public static final String SUIT2="DIAMONDS";
public static final String SUIT3="HEARTS";
public static final String SUIT4="Spades";

//I think that i'm okey with this part.

//Second thing what i need to do is a Constructor that takes a Rank and a Suit and returns a Card with those values. Here is what I did:

public Card(int Rank, String Suit){


//And the third thing that I can't make it or I am making it wrong is how to make getter methods for
getSuit and getRank that retrieve the rank and suit components of a Card????

Anybody can give me a comment about what i have done or how to make this get methods ???