For the development of printer driver i took the base of the Bitmap driver provided with WinDDK sample codes .
I just need to hook one more callbacks INDEX_DrvStartPage to a custom handler function.

static const DRVFN s_aOemHookFuncs[] =
{INDEX_DrvStartPage, (PFN) DrvStartPage},
{INDEX_DrvEndDoc, (PFN)DrvEndDoc}

But stuck now as the DrvStartDoc does not get called up by the GDI ??? I can debug the project but the breakpoint does not hit in the function.

I also debugged the printer driver codes provided with WinDDK. Bitmap and oemuni sample. Same behavior is seen StartDoc is not being called for it??

oemuni sample is configured using "File" port. File does gets created on the location still yet DrvStartDoc does not get called up ???????

Am i missing something here ? Any help on this would be appreciated.