Custom struct not working in C
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Thread: Custom struct not working in C

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    Custom struct not working in C

    Using VS2010, I defined a custom struct in the file vectorMath.h:
    typedef struct Vector
    	float v[3];
    Then in main.c I have:
    #include <vectorMath.h>
    And, later on,
    Vector position;
    However, I get a compile error pointing out the line with Vector position; saying error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'position'. When I move the code for defining the struct inside main.c, above the declaration of position, I still get an error. I looked over tutorials for defining structs, but I don't see any error I'm making. Is there something fundamental I'm missing?

    There's two other custom structs, defined the same way, and they work fine. It seems ridiculous, but is there a maximum limit to the number of custom structs I can have?
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