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    Convertinng Ascii to CString not working in VC6.0, working fine VS2008


    The below code is working fine in VS2008 and not working in VC6.0 (taking garbage values)
    this code is for converting hex values to string.

    sending Input string is : 727332333263 required output: rs232c

    DWORD AsciiToString(LPCTSTR f_chInputChar, LPTSTR f_chOutputChar)
    long ch;
    int i,j;
    TCHAR tmp[2];

    int len = _tcslen(f_chInputChar);
    for(i = j= 0; i < len; i += 2, j++){
    memset(tmp, NULL, 2);
    tmp[0] = f_chInputChar[i];
    tmp[1] = f_chInputChar[i+1];

    ch = _tcstol(tmp, NULL, 16);
    f_chOutputChar[j] = (TCHAR)ch;
    return TRUE;

    Please suggest the required changes.

    Thanks in advance to all!

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